Beyond the Growth Paradigm: Creating a Unified Progressive Politics

The US political economy is failing across a broad Front. – environmental, social, economical, and stanmarkusguitar the planet pandora  political. Deep, systemic change is needed to transition to a new economy, one where the acknowledged priority is to sustain human and natural communities. Policies are available to effect this transformation and to temper economic growth and consumerism while simultaneously improving social well-being and quality of life, but a new politics involving a coalescence of progressive communities is needed to realize these policies. Yet, on the key issue of economic growth, differing positions among American liberals and environmentalists loom, a major barrier to progressive fusion. This Perspective proposes a starting point forforging a common platform and agenda around which both liberals and Environmentalists Pandora Bracelets Sale of the matter  can rally.

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Document: Beyond The Growth Paradigm (.pdf 376 Ko)

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