Charter of the Peoples of the Earth

“Whereas serious threats are weighing upon our planet and on ourselves, we the peoples of Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, that together, we form a mosaic of peoples, we affirm that we shall work and shall fight ceaselessly :

- For every woman and ever man to access the wealth and resources of our planet,
- For every woman and every man to be able to organize and to participate in the political life of their village, their country, their region, or the world.
- For every woman and every man to be able to live in dignity and respect,

Exclusion of a single one of us and all of humankind is scorned.”

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In the times that we are living, new paths are being opened towards other ways of thinking, living and organizing our societies, as a consequence of the current crises. For this reason, we need foundational texts which will inspire the world of tomorrow that we are already building. The Charter of the Peoples of the Earth it’s a text for everyody. If you want to contribute to the debate and enrich this Charter proposal, you can subscribe by writing to:

Document: Charter of the Peoples of the Earth (.pdf 681 Ko)

See more at the Forum for a new World Governance

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